AA-ISP 2016

Sales Representatives, Sales Executives, Sales Operations, Events


Meet our speakers and team at AA-ISP 2016 events accross the country! We will be presenting proven ways to help your sales reps hit their quotas and best practices on keeping a healthy pipeline and accurate forecast.We promise to leave you with actionable take aways you can begin using right away with your sales team! 

  1. Inside Sales - San Franciso - February 18th
    1. Jim Eberlin, Founder and CEO of TopOPPS, leads a research-based presentation identifying what best-in-class sales organizations do to hit their numbers. He will address barriers to accurate forecasting and the business pressures behind every sales meeting for executives and sales leaders.
      Sales Quarterly Business Reviews can be a great opportunity for setting sales strategy and aligning the sales team for the next quarter. Join Jim to learn how to make QBRs effective in accountability, priorities and a data-driven process.
  2. Leadership Summit - Chicago, IL - April 20-21
    1. Transform your 1:1 meetings with your sales reps to productive goal and activity setting that turns your B-players into A-players. In this session with Jim Eberlin, TopOPPS CEO, you'll hear real stories of successes and failures in coaching and motivating sales reps to achieve quota. You'll also learn the metrics that track sales performance and and the underlying story to make coaching easier.
  3. Inside Sales - Denver - June 15
  4. Inside Sales - Boston - September 18
  5. Executive Retreat - Boston Landing, NY - October 11-13
  6. Unite 2016 - Las Vegas, NV - November 2-4


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