3 Things Successful Sales Managers Do to End Their Week

Authored by Chisom Uche on October 21, 2016

You made it through another grueling week in the world of sales. If you did it right, you and your sales team are probably wiped out and are ready for the weekend. However, a lot probably happened this week and you willwant to make sure that when Monday comes again, you're ready to go. If you want to put yourself at an advantage next week, you should really make it a point to wrap up your week properly. Here are 3 things that we've found the most successful sales managers do to end their week.

1. Make Sure Top Deals Are Updated

During the week, you should've sat down with all of your reps and had them present to you the status of their top deals. Now that the week is over, you should definitely check back into those deals and see how they progressed. If they haven't, definitely make it a point to reach out to your reps to make sure that they update the status and notes on their top deals. Updating at the end of the week will help make that early week sales meeting faster and more effective to helping eliminate the roadblocks that they have. The worst thing to start a week is having a sales meeting that is just draining your sales team's time to sell.

2. See How Your Sales Forecast Is Trending

Another week has passed, which means you're one more week closer to the end of your sales period. While this may seem like checking the value of your stocks every day, it is a good idea to see how your forecast is trending to the end of the period. This way you can be a step ahead in strategizing if you are trailing behind in hitting your forecast this sales period. We know that the journey to hitting your sales forecast is not linear and that there will be hot and cold weeks. If you can, we suggest looking to a sales forecasting tool to keep track of your selling behaviors and trends so that you can have data supporting forecast predictions. On the bright note, you may check your forecast projections and notice that you are ahead of expectations. In that case, please see #3.

3. Show The Sales Reps Some Love

So what if you didn't close that major deal yet? There is still time left in the quarter and as long as they have kept the information on the status of their deals up-to-date, you are in a great position to get it next week. Be sure to celebrate the wins with your sales team and show them some love. Maybe the are finally following the new sales process, or all of them have promising deals in their pipeline that you feel really good about because the data is rock-solid. Sales is a grind from day 1, so be sure that your sales team knows their hard work is appreciated.

'People, process, technology' those are the 3 core tenants to being a sales manager. If you make sure to check into these things at the end of the week, you can be sure that your next week will be smooth and you'll hit the ground running. Always remember, sales tools can your best friend if you know which tools to choose for your sales team.

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