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DRIVE 2015 Recap

Authored by Chisom Uche on June 11, 2015

Thank you for sharing an awesome evening with us and making the inaugural DRIVE event an absolute success. There is not a more appropriate place than the Museum of American Finance to host an event on discovering ways to close more deals and grow your sales.

It’s been a bit of time since we were all together, so we figured it’s time for one giant #TBT. Here are a few highlights from DRIVE 2015:

‘Not all sharks are intimidating’
The night started off with an unexpected bang- or shall we say ‘flash’. Left Shark made a surprise appearance and highlighted the surprise flash mob performance.

‘Let’s DRIVE together’

TopOPPS co-founder and CEO, Jim Eberlin, kicked off the evening. He introduced the vision behind DRIVE: to bring innovation to the sales industry by merging together the right people, with the right process, and giving them the right tools. Jim also reminded everyone that if you weren’t there to have a great evening, you should leave immediately (just kidding...sort of).

‘Happy SDR Appreciation Year!’
Aaron Ross, the father of the sales process that made Salesforce.com $100 million in revenue, spoke about the importance of having people with specialized roles built into the sales process. A key takeaway was “those who prospect should not be those who close”. If you weren’t a believer in the #YearoftheSDR before, we hope you are now.

‘The sales All-Star team’

Then we were off to learn from some of the best sales minds around. When talking about the ‘‘Top of Mind’ panel, SalesLoft tweeted it best:

“Talk about a power lineup of the most influential #salesdevelopment leaders in the industry, tonight at #DRIVE2015”.

These gurus shared a lot of great tips on building and leading impactful sales teams.

‘If you build it (meaningfully), they will come’

Next, we heard from our ‘Tools That DRIVE Sales’ panel. They broke down what makes a tool great at innovating the way people used to sell and still try to sell today. Trish Bertuzzi kept everyone unbiased and highlighted how all tools have their strengths, but the key is to find the ones that fit your weaknesses. 

‘Wise words from Mr. Wonderful’
Then came the perfect way to wrap it all up: Mr. Wonderful himself, Kevin O’Leary. He gave the crowd a show with his tips and anecdotes on what makes a great salesperson. While being charming, he did remind everyone "know your numbers, or I will eviscerate you". Now that’s a #SharkTankProTip.

Between our panels, Aaron Ross, and, Kevin O’Leary we hope you took something away that will help you crush your sales goals. While you’re working on implementing everything you learned, enjoy this short video recap and take a look at the DRIVE 2015 photo gallery!

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