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Gluing Together the Sales Process

Authored by Amy Kohl on December 31, 2015

Today, there’s a tool for everything. Technology is helping us find deals faster, and expediting necessary steps of the sales process so they close quicker. Most of them integrate into your CRM where you can access the information. Even still, you may need to be a Salesforce guru in order to piece it all together and there is no way everyone feels 100% confident that all the technology ties together seamlessly.

Sales Stack GlueStack process

Here’s how TopOPPS tackles this challenge. For this example,  I will use these four stages - Qualification, Developing, Negotiations and Pending. Disparate automation tools exist that fit within these categories to help track deal progress and expedite the close. TopOPPS aligns and optimizes customers’ sales process workflow immediately which ties all the technology used from lead to close into it. That's right, anything that updates your CRM can be tied into TopOPPS for pipeline management and forecast reviews.12:15 infographic

Example: Rep Sends Contract

Docusign contract is sent, TopOPPS opportunity health score goes up, manager and reps are alerted deal is now in Pending. Docusign is viewed, and the score goes up again. But then it goes unsigned for 5 days, so a negative alert is triggered to rep and manager and deal signifies a regressing score to show momentum is slowing. The alert recommends the rep take action by sending an ROI summary about the return the client can anticipate with this investment, and then request an install date with a subtle reminder to sign the contract. Upon receipt of the rep’s email, Docusign is viewed again and finally returned signed, which TopOPPS automatically detects and updates the forecast. (How many calls, emails or touch points with the rep would this kind of insight take, especially if this deal is crucial to hitting your number? Should we factor in stress level and loss of sleep too?)

Complete Control of the Pipeline

TopOPPS is one place to access everything you need. It ties virtually every element of a ”good” deal into one central score so you feel 100% confident in everything you’ve forecasted. This is already available with many partners including Marketo, Yesware, Echosign, and many others.  These positive and negative moments in the sales process are sometimes small activities, but greatly affect the progress in deals.

Qualification: Engagement with Marketing, Sales Development /Business Development Reps or Account Executive emails (sent, read, forwarded, response), web activity of a known lead, and call activity (length of phone call, inbound v. outbound, etc.)

Developing: Presentation data (viewed, length of engagement, level of engagement, forwarded/shared)

Negotiations: Interaction with quotes, analysis of response time with action recommendation

Pending: Alert system watching for stalled deals or any last minute snags, automatic opportunity scoring and forecast updates as contracts are sent, viewed, changed and signed 

To learn more or find out if TopOPPS will compliment your current sales stack, contact us.

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