Originally aired with GSI, a Salesforce and Oracle Partner and guest speaker Jim Eberlin, CEO of TopOPPS, will present how companies of all stages are leveraging automation and AI in the CRM to drive more revenue with intelligent pipeline management. Learn how to accelerate sales team performance with easy CRM updates for reps, pipeline visibility and KPI reporting for managers, and sales forecast predictability for the entire org! You will hear how adopters of these strategies enjoy a 12% improvement to win rates and shortened sales cycles by 26%. 071818 GSI 2F TopOPPS Webinar_ KPI’s-Dashboards - How Top Execs Effectively Manage their Pipeline and Sales Forecast to Maximize Growth main webcast slides.pptx

Topics covered will include:

  • Review of KPI’s used by top executives for short term and long term growth
  • How to capture and  present information on dashboards
  • How to analyze and act on information
  • Demonstration of sales dashboards that focus on different areas of performance 

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