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Authored by Steve Newell on November 2, 2015


When I train sales manager to use TopOPPS, many want to focus on how to use TopOPPS for their one-on-one meeting with their sales reps.  It’s my experience that sales managers fall into two general camps when it comes to prepping for their one-on-ones: managers will spend time in their CRM gathering data or managers will not prep for their meetings and “wing it”.The first group will spend time in multiple CRM reports to get a better understanding of how their rep is performing while the second group will learn how their rep is performing only in their meeting.

TopOPPS Rep Profile Report provides a comprehensive understanding of how is rep is doing, the health of their pipeline and how they are trending.  For the sales managers who spend time prepping, the Rep Profile Report shocks them - it’s so quick to gain complete and accurate data on their rep.  Sales managers who don’t prep, they now have immediate access to performance information that they may not be able to obtain through their conversations with their reps.

Rep Profile Report

The Rep Profile Report provides summary level of how your rep is performing based on their current pipeline, their forecast and how they are trending over the last five sales periods.  For this example, April Hill’s manager, and April herself, can see key metrics on her performance.

Sales Rep Report

Stage Breakdown

For April, we can see a summary view of her pipeline by stage.  The one thing we notice is that April’s deals spend slightly more time in each stage than the average.  This is an area that April and her manager can view to better understand the cause and if there is anything April can to do improve her pipeline.

Stage BreakdownCoverage

Next we can understand how April’s ability to meet her quota.  As we can see from the image above, April’s opportunities are forecasted to be at $2.61 million and she is over her quota of $2.25 million by over $350,000 or 16%.  Depending on how close we are end of the sales period (quarter in this case), we can feel more comfortable.  Early in the quarter, April may want to have more in the pipeline to increase her manager’s confidence that she will hit her quota..


Historical Trends

The next area that we can review with April is how she trending over the last five quarters.   We noted that while April has improved performance in “Coverage to hit Quota”, “Average Time to Won”, we can see that she is spending more time of lost opportunities.  Her manager can coach her on how to more quickly identify those deals what should be closed lost so that she can spend more time on the good opportunities.
On the lower part of the same section, we see that April has been able to increase her revenue over the course of the last five quarters through a combination of improved win rates and more deals.   April has not been able to increase and maintain the average deal size over the same period.  

Rep Pipeline Insights

In addition to the metrics, TopOPPS can provide additional insights based on the multiple data points.  These insights become the point of understand that help point April and her manager to area that they may not have thought of.


After review the high level performance, from the Rep Profile you can “Jump To” TopVIEW’s opportunity by stage for April.  Here you can access all her current deals.  In addition, the Sales Rep Activity Report provides insight into the type of activities April has been performing to execute her pipeline.

With only a few clicks, sales managers can quickly understand how each rep is performing and what areas to focus on in one-on-ones for improvements.

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