Sales Velocity: A Dreamforce Game-Changer

Authored by Amy Kohl on September 2, 2015

Dreamforce continues to get bigger and more complicated every year.
Like most attendees, I love jumping from event to event while absorbing as much information from sessions, keynotes and vendors as possible. dreamforce logo Last year, I remember feeling exhausted after day one, and knew I would not get to see all the vendo
rs important to me and I’d surely miss some awesome presentations.


So after DRIVE this past May, Chad Burmeister and I decided to do something epic this year - partner with the best sales vendors in SaaS and host a completely sales-focused, high energy event with the top keynote speakers in the country - with great food and an open bar of course!  We wanted it to be THE sales event at Dreamforce - every speaker and vendor a sales leader needed to see at Dreamforce would be in one place at one time.

To make a claim like that, we had to enlist epic speakers - and we nailed it! From a New York Times Best Selling Author, to SLMA’s Most Influential People, to AA-ISP’s Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals, to Top 25 Sales Influencers. We are so proud to announce Jill Konrath, Kraig Kleeman, Trish Bertuzzi, Aaron Ross, Andy Paul, and Jim Dickie will be speaking at Sales Velocity!

Now that we had a powerful lineup, I knew sponsorship would be a breeze - and it was! To prioritize the attack, Chad and I reached out the vendors responsible for helping our businesses grow. Before we knew it, SalesLoft, DiscoverOrg, ZoomInfo, LevelEleven, DemoChimp, Lead411, and RingLead were on board.  Quickly multiple campaigns were circulating their networks, and registrations were flying in!

At 400 registrations, Sales Velocity is going to be THE BEST sales event at Dreamforce. 

Speakers will kick off at 2PM, happy hour will follow around 5PM. See you at The Four Seasons Hotel!

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