As the B2B buyer's journey continues to evolve, it's critical to develop a dynamic playbook for your sales team. Despite the fact every business development professional faces unique challenges, there are essential -- universal -- elements to a winning sales strategy.071818 GSI 2F TopOPPS Webinar_ KPI’s-Dashboards - How Top Execs Effectively Manage their Pipeline and Sales Forecast to Maximize Growth main webcast slides.pptx (1)

Download the recording to learn:

  • Complexities between the sales process & procurement cycle
  • The 10 essential steps business development professionals must adopt to accelerate pipeline growth (and win more deals)
  • Tactics & technologies that automate and scale performance

In this webinar, Jim Eberlin, Founder & CEO of TopOPPS, talks to ZoomInfo Sales Leader, Steve Lincoln, about the new buyer/seller relationship and reveals the tactics and technologies that empower business development professionals to identify, connect, and engage with decision makers at high-value accounts.