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TopOPPS + Outreach Galaxy: AI Enhanced Guided Selling to Increase Win Rates

Authored by Ric Ratkowski on August 6, 2019


Ever had the situation where: an important sales opportunity is in danger because of inactivity and it goes unnoticed; the opportunity is sold but they don’t have the budget till next quarter so the sales rep needs to “stay close”; or the opportunity wants to buy but “isn’t there yet” and needs further ongoing education?  

These are prime examples where Outreach sequences managed through TopOPPS AI can keep the opportunity warm without overburdening the sales rep.  

TopOPPS artificial intelligence manages sales opportunities, focuses the sales reps on high probability opportunities and guides next steps with a consistent sales process.  The sales process is based on the momentum of the opportunity and past successful sales patterns. TopOPPS AI activity-based triggers recommend Outreach sequences to keep the sales opportunity moving forward.  The appropriate messages via Outreach sequences are sent based on the stage, milestone and level of activity. In addition, the sales rep may assign sequences to specific opportunity contacts independent of the AI recommendation engine.

How It Works

TopOPPS Sales Pipeline View

The center of the Sales Rep’s universe in TopOPPS is the Sales Pipeline View.  Each sales opportunity is represented by a separate tile. The tiles are organized in columns.  The sales rep can chose a column view by sales stage or forecast category. The example below is by sales stage.

Sales reps and sales management can drill through to all supporting details on any of these opportunities, down to content on individual emails and see the chronological buyer journey to date when assessing the value of the opportunity.

TopOPPS Sales Pipeline View

AI Activity-Based Triggers

TopOPPS activity based triggers constantly evaluate the current situation with each sales opportunity and match it to past successful sales patterns.  The appropriate Outreach sequences are selected based on opportunity attributes, activities, signals and triggers that TopOPPS automatically collects. 

TopOPPS activity based triggers can be viewed from the TopOPPS sales pipeline view.  Each opportunity may have an alert requiring action as identified by a special icon on the opportunity tile.  There is also an option on the upper right corner of the screen to view all alerts on this pipeline view. The screen below shows the alert screen and the arrow highlights an Outreach sequence alert “Add to Meeting Alert Sequence”.   

TopOPPS Sales Pipeline Alerts

When the sales rep clicks on the above alert, an “Alert Requiring Action” box appears.  The sales rep has the opportunity to do a “Quick Fix” and assign the appropriate sequence to contacts within the sales opportunity as shown in the screen below.

TopOPPS + Outreach AI guided sequence selection

Sales Rep Assigned Sequences

Sales reps can be proactive and assign sales contacts to Outreach sequences independent of the activity based alerts.  Sales reps typically work from their sales pipeline view, by clicking on the opportunity name on the opportunity tile the display the detail sales opportunity information.  From the Contacts tab they can see by contact within the sales opportunity if any sequences are already assigned or select the appropriate Outreach sequence to execute.

TopOPPS + Outreach.io Sales Rep Selected Sequence


TopOPPS embeds Outreach to allow sales reps to add Outreach sequences to both early and late stage sales opportunities.  Outreach sequences can be assigned by the sales rep or through activity triggers through TopOPPS AI. Outreach sequences update TopOPPS Alerts, Tasks, Next Steps and Opportunity Health Score.  The result is Sales Rep follow up is more powerful and consistent. The alerts are driven by “closed-won” sales patterns, and the results are win rates increase and sales reps can manage 19% more opportunities.


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